Xtreme Machine Custom Motorcycle Wheels
Custom Wheels in Chrome, Black Cut,
or Solid Black Anodized Finishes plus a New Xquisit Platinum Finish for  
Harley-Davidsons , V-Twins and Metric Motorcycles
Xtreme Machine Custom
Motorcycle Wheels fit 1984 &
Up Harley Davidson
Indian Motorcycles, Victory
models, Hammer-King
Sportbike fitments include
Honda CBR 1000-900-929-954
Suzuki GSXR 1000-750-600 ,
Hayabusa - TL 1000 -
Boulevard M-109R ,
Kawasaki ZX 10 - ZX12 - ZX
14 & Yamaha R1 and late
model Honda Goldwing
Street Custom Motorcycle.com
Custom Motorcycle Wheels
Talon Black Anodized
Arson Black Anodized
Reaper Black Anodized
Skullz Black Anodized
Complete your package with Xtreme Machine Rotors and Pulley
Air Filters also available in any wheel style in Chrome, Black or
Black Cut in some models
Xtreme Machine Custom Motorcycle Wheels are manufactured by Performance Machine, an icon in the motorcycle
aftermarket. In addition to radical and authentic styling you have come to expect from Xtreme Machine, you can
now feel confident that each XM wheel is rigorously tested in-house to JASO and TUV standards to ensure its
performance in extreme riding conditions. Xtreme Machine wheels arrive ready to install with hubs mounted and all
the appropriate spacers making installation simple and straight forward. Xtreme Machine wheels exemplify quality.
Wheel Sizes
21 x 3.50
21 x 2.125
19 x 3.0
19 x 2.15
18 x 5.0
18 x 4.25
18 x 3.5
17 x 6.0
17 x 3.5
16 x 5.50
16 x 3.50

18 x 8.50
23 x 3.50
18 x 10.0
18 x 10.50
26 x 3.50
30  3.50
Call for price
Launch Wheel Platinum Finish
Launch Chrome
Fierce Black Cut
Cruise Chrome
Charger Platinum Cut                      Charger Chrome
"Oldies But Goodies" from Xtreme Machine - As we move into newer
models, the older wheel styles shown below are still available. Chrome or Black Finish
Available in all standard wheel sizes. Add - $125.00 Set Up per wheel
Challenger Black Anodized
Turbo Black Anodized
Wheel Pricing - 16 x 3.5, 16x5.0, 17 x 3.5, 17x6.0,
19 x 2.15, 19x3.0, 18x3.5, 18x4.25,18 x 5.5  
21x 2.125, and 21x 3.5.....
Chrome, Black Cut or Platinum Cut
18 x 8.5, 23 x 3.5 - $1579.95
18 x 10, 18 x 10.5 - $1679.95
26 x 3.5 - $1889.95
*Prices are per wheel
Pricing Exceptions:
Add $200 to front V-Rod wheels when using stock
rotors and $100 to rear V-Rod wheels
when using stock rotor.
There is no additional wheel charge for V-Rod wheels
when using PM design matched rotors.
Wheels are priced
according to size. All
the  finishes and
styles we offer are
priced the same, with
Chrome, Black Cut or
Platinum Cut wheels
are produced with
the finest of care and
under strictest
quality control.
The Xtreme Machine  
polishing process
prior to anodizing
creates an
exceptionally smooth
Black anodized finish.
The Black anodized
finish also contains a
UV protectant to
resist fading.
Cruise Black Xquisite Cut
Execute Black Cut
Launch Black Cut
Execute Chrome
that extends to the edge of the rim
Celebrating our
15th Year in