Introducing the TES Motorcycle Covers
Our Total Enclosed System (TES) is a one of
a kind product that gives your motorcycle
the Ultimate in Protection from the elements
Don't Just Cover Your Ride,Enclose It!
The TES Cover is one of the most
unique covers on the market today.
After 2 years of continual improvement
and testing done mostly in the UK, We
are proud to announce the release of
our newest TES Cover model  
The TES Cover "Ultra

What Makes The TES Cover The "Ultimate Cover"

The Totally Enclosed Feature is just part of what
makes the TES Cover such a great value. Wait
until you "feel the difference." Utilizing a
selection of higher grade materials, coatings and
processes we have created a noticeably thicker
& tougher cover that impresses any enthusiast
that has dealt with replacing old worn out or
even new covers that just didn't get the job
done. The TES Cover provides total protection
from above and below "without poles, electricity
or assembly" of any kind. When you have a TES
Cover on your ride, you will have the confidence
that you are providing the industries best
protection available.

While many manufactures claim a waterproof
and/or soft paint friendly cover, the TES Cover
provides the enthusiast with the richest and
most durable cover available. Our purpose for
using such heavy materials, PVC coatings and
thicker cotton interiors was to provide a tougher
sandwich of components that is not only weather
resistance but also provides an increased level
of protection against physical damage.

The inside layer of The TES Cover that touches
the surface of your paint is made from a soft yet
durable cotton material. By using commercial
grade cotton, we have been able to achieve one
of the industries highest heat ratings of 400F.
This decreases the wait time after a long ride
and also helps prevent disasters that can occur
with cheaper materials on warm pipes. We
always suggest that you let your bike cool, but
knowing you have one of the toughest covers
available always helps.

The “PAT. PEND.” design of the TES Cover, being
a fully enclosed cover, isolates the water vapor
that escapes from the ground and in many cases
gets trapped under traditional covers. The TES
Cover base combined with the specially
designed venting system allows air to exchange
inside the cover without allowing dirt or debris

to enter.
The TES Total Enclosure System Motorcycle Cover
"The Cover with a Floor"
Corona, CA
TES Motorcycle Covers are
made to fit
Harley Davidson, Victory,
Indian, Honda,
Yamaha,Suzuki, Triumph,
Moto Guzzi
and Aprilia,
Trike Freewheelers
and Tri Glides.
TES Motorcycle Cover Tri Glide / FreeWheeler
TES Motorcycle Cover X-Large
TES Motorcycle Cover XXL-Tour
TES Motorcycle Cover Large
TES Motorcycle Cover XXL-Slim
TES Motorcycle Cover Medium
TES Motorcycle Cover Bagger XXXL
Great Gift Idea !!
Quick, easy and efficient, the TES Enclosed Motorcycle Cover
is the Ultimate Cover for your Motorcycle. No other cover
protects your motorcycle like a TES Cover.
It's not even close...........
Easy to store in your bag for
traveling. Lockable for security.
Breathable material on the
inside prevents moisture